About Us

BroadIQ simplifies the deployment of applications that run in the cloud. Reducing the complexity involved in running application software, BroadIQ makes it possible to deploy applications in minutes with the click of a button.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make an awesome software marketplace that is easy to use and community driven. We make it possible for anyone to quickly and easily deploy software on Kubernetes platforms.

Our Plan

BroadIQ is bring together application consumers, application developers, and Kubernetes operators to build an dynamic marketplace that is available to everyone, everywhere.

Our Vision

Helping businesses simplify operations. No need to buy equipment or hiring extra staff to manage business supporting applications. Let us do it and allow you to concentrate on your core business.


BroadIQ makes it easy to deploy software applications into a Kubernetes cloud environment with the click of a button.

Cloud Deployment

Deploy applications in the cloud with a click of a button. You choose what you need and only pay for what you use.

Data Security

Be in control of your data and who has access to it. You own the database.

User Management

Manage user application access and policies from a single portal. Control who has access to your applications.

Kubernetes Monitoring

Monitor one or more Kubernetes environments from one location. Keep track of resources being used and what is being deployed on your infrastructure.

Community Marketplace

Helping to build and catalog a marketplace of applications that are simple and easily to deploy in a Kubernetes enviornment.

Developer Showcase

The BroadIQ marketplace is a great place to showcase your latest applications and get feedback.

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BroadIQ is offering a limited number of free trials. Please click below to request a free trial.

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Denver, CO, USA

Phone Number

+1 303 883 0656

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